Coaching and development for leaders who are committed to leading their organisation through change in a positive, powerful and productive way. We empower you to not only understand what needs to be done but to embody the behaviours that streamline the journey for everyone.

Most catastrophic change delivery failures can be traced back to the quality of Change Leadership. There is an unspoken assumption that senior leaders are as skilled and experienced at leading change as they are at leading business as usual. That assumption makes it incredibly difficult to ask for help. Leaders set off on the wrong foot, without alignment, clear direction or approach and without engaging the wider organisation. As they entrench into their ways of working mistakes become more frequent and costly, levels of stress and anxiety escalate and reputations are put on the line.


There is a different way.

At Partners in Change we have a vision of a world where Change Leaders confidently guide their organisation through successful change: driving innovative and creative solutions, navigating and overcoming challenges and pitfalls and developing themselves and their people to be able to achieve the kind of change that delights customers, empowers employees and inspires shareholders.

We have developed our Change Leadership proposition to help you become that kind of leader. A unique mix of scientifically proven diagnostic tools, individual and team coaching and personal development, and rapid knowledge transfer. All based around a Change Leadership Model which defines in detail “what great looks like” and a Change Leadership Framework which maps out your unique development journey.



Diagnostic Tools  & Assessment

Scientifically proven on-line assessments that rapidly identify problem areas so they can be addressed before escalating out of control

Individual and Team Coaching

Accelerate your understanding of yourselves and each other so that you can create alignment, communicate, challenge and collaborate more easily and reduce conflict

Masterclasses and Knowledge Transfer

Focused, insightful and timely interventions that share our extensive knowledge and experience of the tasks, activities and deliverables that Change Leaders need to master

Change is hard but it doesn’t have to be stressful and you CAN deliver the outstanding results your organisation needs. We will be there throughout your change journey ensuring you are supported, growing in knowledge, capability and experience and better equipped for the future.

Our aim is to make sure that:

• you develop better coping mechanisms, minimise stress levels and support those around you to feel better and contribute more confidently and creatively

• you are better prepared and equipped to handle problems; more able to prevent them escalating out of control

• relationships are strengthened within your leadership team and with wider stakeholders and partners

• your likelihood of success is greatly increased in a way that feels good for the entire organisation

• the reputational and financial risk of failure is significantly reduced

• stakeholder and investor confidence grows

• change leadership knowledge and expertise deepens: root cause issues are identified and permanently resolved

• there is wholescale alignment and commitment to your vision, purpose and strategy

• your people are encouraged, motivated and engaged

• you become a self-regulating leadership team: comfortable with disagreement, putting the organisation first and avoiding judgement and blame

• you evolve into a “change ready” organisation: avoiding the time and expense of scrambling/regrouping for every new change initiative

• you move with agile precision: responding rapidly to changing circumstances to maintain competitive advantage

• BAU performance runs optimally alongside change execution


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