Across three decades of my involvement in customer projects, I have developed some reliable rules-of-thumb for what is likely to succeed, what is going to be harder than it needs to be and what is doomed to fail. Frustratingly, hundreds, if not thousands of important marketing, sales, service, field service and other digital initiatives kick-off […]

The pace, potential benefits and disruptive nature of technological change means that organisations must always be open to transformation if they are to compete with challengers and the rapidly changing expectations of their customers. But every transformation eats time, human resources and money and not every transformation succeeds. So what steps can you take ahead […]

As those who know me well know, my secret workplace passion is about helping organisations design operating models that drive efficiency, delight customers and empower people. There are many dimensions to consider when designing a target operating model. One crucial ingredient is a positive ‘cultural’ intent i.e.  a situation where everyone involved wants the organisation […]

Every complex change or transformation programme demands a well governed and well executed steering group if it is to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable results. Working at its best, a steering group should drive the change programme forward by removing blockers, resolving issues and mitigating risks. As a result, things are kept on track and […]

In the early 2000s I remember watching the original ‘Shift Happens’ video with hundreds of colleagues at an annual conference. It dominated the evening’s conversations – it gave everyone a new perspective on the speed at which change was coming down the line. Even now, in 2024, it is eye-opening. Much of what is featured […]

“The Magic is in the Deal.” IT services contracts tend to be weighty and they tend to be complex. This isn’t a surprise when you understand they effectively underpin the core delivery engine of most modern organisations. Here in my home office there’s a trophy shelf with some personal ‘greatest hits’ on display – each […]

ISQM1 is a challenging standard, yet it has the potential to offer terrific rewards for firms that embrace its principles and recognise them as a platform for value creation.    ISQM1 – The story so far The International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM1) is now a year into its implementation journey. For firms that perform […]

A common problem? Legacy technical debt is a common problem facing many organisations across the Financial Services industry and beyond. Such outdated systems are often heavily integrated workhorses, churning through high volumes of transactions. The process of replacing them is complex with many moving parts to consider. A clear approach to tackling this challenge is […]

Addressing the urgent need to verify acquisition integration pre-deal assumptions and establish an integration roadmap to ensure that value acceleration is set up for earliest successful delivery of realistic objectives and goals. When Private Equity firms facilitate an acquisition to one of their portfolio companies, the typical pace of the deal process and the need […]

Dave Jepson considers the change management lessons highlighted by the cancellation of the northern leg of the HS2 project. As a northerner I have a personal view on the merits, or not, of HS2. The release of today’s non-news regarding the cancellation of the proposed programme much beyond Birmingham will be welcomed by some, and […]