A common problem? Legacy technical debt is a common problem facing many organisations across the Financial Services industry and beyond. Such outdated systems are often heavily integrated workhorses, churning through high volumes of transactions. The process of replacing them is complex with many moving parts to consider. A clear approach to tackling this challenge is […]

Addressing the urgent need to verify acquisition integration pre-deal assumptions and establish an integration roadmap to ensure that value acceleration is set up for earliest successful delivery of realistic objectives and goals. When Private Equity firms facilitate an acquisition to one of their portfolio companies, the typical pace of the deal process and the need […]

Dave Jepson considers the change management lessons highlighted by the cancellation of the northern leg of the HS2 project. As a northerner I have a personal view on the merits, or not, of HS2. The release of today’s non-news regarding the cancellation of the proposed programme much beyond Birmingham will be welcomed by some, and […]

Is the metaverse emerging as the next big thing? Like ‘big data ‘in the 90s, CX in the noughties and ‘digital transformation’ in the last decade, senior leaders everywhere are already being swamped by a heady mixture of speculation, propaganda and wishful thinking. Here’s a two-minute read covering what you need to know right now.  […]

Despite what technology providers tell you, new technology in any organisation is rarely plug and play. Before any commitments are made, we would recommend that ambitious businesses ask themselves these ten questions. Digital transformation can bring about significant benefits for businesses, including increased efficiency, improved customer experiences, and new revenue streams. However, it is important […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming one of the most transformative technologies of our time, with the potential to revolutionise industries and improve our daily lives in countless ways. The world of AI is constantly evolving, with new breakthroughs and innovations happening all the time.  Most recently we’ve all been witness to Chat GPT and […]

Digital is often thought of as being synonymous with technology and data, and it is true that these are important aspects of the digital landscape. However, digital is about much more than just tech and data. In fact, if any digital transformation is to be truly successful it must encompass and orchestrate change across a […]

Understanding current and future digital trends is a vital activity for every organisation. With tech developing at ever-increasing speeds, mapping the future technological ‘art of the possible’ to your customers’ wants and needs is a core capability that should sit at the heart of your organisation’s growth engine. At PiC we see eight important trends […]

With our business now well established and growing at pace, we’ve spent time over the summer thinking hard about what sustainability means to us. We’ve chosen to define sustainability in its broadest sense, using John Elkington’s increasingly influential ‘people, planet, profits’ model, first formulated in 1994. In an article published by Forbes in 2019, Elkington […]