Meet your new partners
in change and transformation

We’ve built a diverse team of experienced professionals, united by the desire to shape and deliver change that delights your customers, empowers your people and helps grow your business. One size never fits all, so we build a team to meet your exact needs by blending the skills of our in-house group with experts drawn from our network of over 800 specialists.

 If ‘big consulting’ has left you over-budget and disappointed, you’ll find our calm, caring and collaborative people a breath of fresh air.

Our in-house Team

Effective, caring and collaborative.

Our Talent Pool of 800+ Associate Experts

To complement our in-house team we’ve assembled a carefully curated network of change and transformation talent.
Every one of them brings deep expertise. Most have extensive ‘blue-chip’ experience as consultants. Many have previously worked in client-side roles. Crucially, all of them have been selected because they operate with the calm, caring and collaborative style that is the hallmark of PiC.

Calm, caring, collaborative.

“The PiC team were an amazing group of people; they were much more than consultants, they were real partners across our business separation journey.”
Director – IT Applications, Pharma Manufacturer