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Transformation and complex change programmes are usually high stakes activities that eat up time, money and human resources. Before embarking on any such programme there are many preparatory steps to be taken. However, in practice there are nine questions that must be asked first and foremost. If the answer to any one of these is […]

We’re proud to say we’ve now exceeded the £5000 mark in our fundraising for Emmaus. This includes £900 raised via a weight-loss challenge (the 8 participants lost over 20kg). As I write we have a team member midway through her ‘Marathon Challenge’ and we’re planning an online Treasure Hunt at our Summer Event. Beyond raising […]

Any complex change or digital transformation programme needs a well governed and well executed steering group if it is to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable results. Working at its best, a steering group should drive your change programme forward by removing blockers, resolving issues and mitigating risks and, as a result, ultimately keeping things on […]

Managing a Crisis: Ten leadership lessons – Dave Jepson In my career I have been involved with two crises in which serious unexpected events threatened the health and lives of many people. A year  into the Covid crisis, I’ve watched the government navigate a course through countless issues and come to the conclusion that some […]

It is fair to say we all owe a great debt to the brilliant work that has driven the development of the various vaccines that have emerged around the world in the past few weeks. Each of the three widely reported western programmes seems to have achieved their desired outcomes in 10-20% of the time […]

Workplace bullying is currently a hot topic with events in the UK Home Office under the spotlight, but this is just the latest of many alleged transgressions by individuals and organisations to hit the headlines. For all those charged with leading change, it is a pertinent topic. Change leadership often requires people to be persuaded […]

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