Customer Experience Consulting

Customer experience advisory including sales and service transformation, operational improvement and behavioural change

Customer Experience Advisory

Optimising the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the experience you offer consumers, B2B customers and colleagues.

• Diagnosis, root-cause analysis and improvement roadmap
• B2C and B2B Sales optimisation
• Service performance improvement
• Automation and AI art-of-the-possible
• Outsource partner selection and advisory
• Project stabilisation and recovery
• Embedding the change

Optimising the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the experience delivered for consumers, B2B customers and colleagues.

New technology, rapidly evolving customer expectations and the ever-present threat of disruptors means designing your organisation around the wants and needs of your customers has never been more important.

Our CX advisory service can help your organisation identify, design and deliver experiences that delight your customers, empower your colleagues and increase profitability.

Diagnosis, root-cause analysis and improvement roadmapping

Sometimes, even the best operations leaders and their continuous improvement teams find it difficult to get to the bottom of customer complaints, performance issues, retention or skills challenges.  Getting help from an experienced, objective external consulting partner can be a very useful step, getting you quickly to the root-causes and potential solutions.

Our assessment approach is thorough, practical and empathetic and will be workshop, interview and observation-based – listening first, analytics second.  How we build the forward plan depends on you and your needs and preferences but it will be a positive, calm and collaborative balance of process, operations, skills, behaviour and technology change.

B2B and B2C sales optimisation

Sales performance in a business-to-business context is driven by a complex mix of relationships, behaviours, information and process quality, usability and automation, as well as many human factors.  Our experience shows that we can help you make a difference to performance in two main areas:

(i) behavioural and motivational support

(ii) addressing friction in the end-to-end business customer experience.

Outside of the store, consumer sales performance is often closely related to the quality of the customer experience.  We can’t necessarily fix your online and mobile commerce capabilities (although we will have a good look) but we can help you optimise the everyday human and automated interactions that you have with your customers.  Our work in this area will focus on both the customer and the colleague.

Service performance improvement

By nature, every field service, branch-based or contact centre service organisation has a busy change portfolio and sometimes needs help, either to orchestrate multiple initiatives or to deliver something specific. We have never yet seen two project portfolios that were the same but we see common themes. For example:

i. How best to organise and manage people, process, operations and technology projects to achieve the best outcomes

ii. How to mobilise the right team, plan effectively and deliver a new product, service, channel, process, tool or performance improvement project

Our people bring an impressive blend of practical service experience, coupled with strong project and delivery disciplines that will help you achieve your outcomes.

Automation and AI art-of-the-possible

There are some amazing examples of successful automation in sales and service.  Likewise, AI is making things possible (and affordable) that were virtually impossible only five years ago.  However, there is also a flurry of hype with vendors and consultants falling over themselves to over- promise (and often under-deliver).

Let us share the knowledge and experience that we have, seeing real-life implementations of automation, whether AI-powered or not, that have succeeded –and failed – for our clients.  We also have good relationships with leading vendors who understand our approach and will provide a no nonsense demonstration or introduce you to some of their successful case studies, if that is helpful.

Outsource partner selection and advisory

If you are exploring options around whether to outsource or which of the many potential partners, locations or contract types could be best for your sales/service operations, we have skills and experience in operational, commercial and implementation aspects of the outsource transition.

This expertise can also be useful when helping clients reset a difficult outsource relationship or improve a service that isn’t performing as expected.  Many of the disciplines are similar to those we use for in-house performance improvements.  However, there is the added challenge of navigating contractual constraints and SLAs between client and outsourcer, which requires deep expertise, independence and objectivity.

Project stabilisation and recovery

Partners in Change is renowned for a practical, hands-on approach to projects and programmes, including stepping in to help when a client project is stressed or failing.

The combination of the steadying influence of experienced project leaders with the injection of the right customer-oriented skills and experience at the right time can make all the difference.

We have strong reputation for getting to grips with the planning and resourcing, solving complex problems, helping to reset supplier and partner relationships, while coaching project leaders on the best way forward, leaving behind a legacy of change management excellence across the client organisation.

Embedding the change

Making change stick in both B2C and B2B sales and service environments is particularly challenging. Both are typically very busy and may suffer from higher staff turnover than other functions.

We know from experience that it is often the supporting players, such as team leaders, coaches, performance and quality managers and other experienced people that are the key to embedding change.

We bring together the outside-in view of how the customer experience needs to change and the inside-out view of what needs to happen to processes, tools, information and ways- of-working, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders at every level to understand the ‘as-is’ and shape the ‘to be’ journey blueprints.


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