Diagnostic Tools and Assessment

Where are you versus where you need to be?

Knowing where to focus your leadership energy and input can be challenging wherever you are on your change journey. There are additional and all-consuming demands on your time and so many activities that need initiating and progressing. You and your leadership team are working on launching new and challenging strategic initiatives whilst aiming to keep business performance high. Your people need your attention as they tackle unfamiliar and stressful things, and your customer and shareholder demands will likely increase.

In this fast-paced and uncertain world of change, delivery problems and issues can go under the radar and only appear when they threaten to derail the whole programme. The longer they go undetected, the more time and money needed to fix them.

We developed our diagnostic tools and online assessments to provide rapid, insightful and actionable feedback on your strengths, gaps and areas for improvement.

The tools are based on and integrated with our Change Leadership Model™ which brings together every aspect of Change Leadership you need to consider. The gold standard of outputs, processes, structures and capabilities required to ensure success.

Additionally, and uniquely, the core of the model defines the mindset and behaviours needed to make a powerful difference to your individual and collective leadership of change.

Our tools give you a robust and comprehensive assessment of your Change Leadership capability in a rapid timeframe.

The tools are configured for personal assessment and 360 feedback helping you identify gaps between your own and the broader organisation perspective. Everything is anonymised for safety, and we provide written commentary and potential action plans which we can work with you to implement through our coaching, masterclasses and knowledge transfer.

This ability to deeply understand what is really going on and, therefore, where your valuable attention is best placed is an invaluable support with the potential to save you time, money and effort and make for a more ease-full implementation.

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