Individual and Team Coaching

In a world of constant change, we need leadership teams that are not just functioning and effective but are high performing learning systems.

Our coaching approach works with you individually and collectively. It’s not about training or even development but enabling your team to become that learning system, the change you want to see and model to your broader organisation. Using our diagnostic tools gives a great place to start conversations that generate deep self-awareness and awareness of each other, creating a solid foundation for growth.

Our coaching isn’t the traditional goal-setting, action-oriented, accountability-focused intervention you may have experienced. Our approach helps you experience how your leadership appears to others: how they react and respond and how that helps or hinders you from achieving the change outcomes your organisation needs. We help you identify and use emotions (your own and others) as a powerful force for connection, clarity and momentum.

You will create a safe and supportive culture where challenge is expected; accountability is high, compassion, not criticism, drives excellence, and intentional choices deliver results. This is the next generation of leadership where your people know that you are on their side, understand and even share their fears, hopes and aspirations and will put aside ego for the higher good.

This high-performance coaching is profoundly personal, and we work individually with every leadership team member. However, team performance is about relationships, connections, strengths and alignment, and we also coach you collectively.

Our coaching is always set in the context of what you need to achieve, and we use team coaching sessions, in particular, to take you beyond a superficial examination of what is working and what isn’t.

You will arrive at a deep understanding of the gap between what you want to achieve and what you can currently achieve and, most importantly, how to close that gap.

We use the best of current research and various leading-edge coaching tools to make the best use of our time together. Our coaches are unique in bringing decades of change delivery experience as a backdrop to the coaching expertise.

We don’t ever take you further than you are ready and able to go. We work from a place of empathy and compassion, we know change is hard and we understand that you will demand a lot of yourselves and each other.

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