Ben O'Brien

Senior Consultant


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”

Ben O'Brien, Consultant

I often say that delivering change is a “human contact sport” – a truism that at times has offered up the greatest challenge and the greatest reward throughout my career which now spans over 25 years and a wide range of businesses and industries.

Building effective project and programme teams, and working effectively with wider stakeholder groups to successfully introduce and embed change is my key focus as I seek to put in place the right conditions and structure for those around me to be successful. Get that right and the success of the project will look after itself.

With the Partners in Change team I focus on blending delivery expertise with the deep knowledge of client personnel. When this knowledge and skillset are combined and working well together, complex questions are more easily broken down into practical, actionable steps.

Outside of work I am most often found behind the wheel of the ‘dad-taxi’ or with a dog-lead in my hand. Fortunately I can listen to Test Match Special in either case!



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