Geoff Mason

Head of Collaboration


“It’s amazing what can be achieved when no-one cares who takes the credit.”

Geoff Mason, Systems

A solid grounding in technology acquired with IBM kindled in me a deep interest in helping companies implement technology-led change, and I’ve been lucky enough to have done so in almost all industry sectors and geographies.
The most successful and rewarding work I’ve been part of has involved working alongside fantastic leaders with large, exciting and critical visions, and teams that effectively blend the right mix of skills, experience and attitude. When a team matches the challenge, that’s a great team to be a part of.

I am delighted to be a member of Partners in Change, an organisation that was created to be different in all the right ways. An organisation of expert practitioners working in partnership with organisations that are committed to creating a better future for themselves, their stakeholders, staff and customers.

Outside of work I love to learn something completely different and over the past few months I have become almost competent at developing Apps for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Incredibly frustrating but ultimately rewarding. Much like life.


Financial Services

Built the case for infrastructure investment due to outage issues; gained support of the exec, agreed increase of £11m/year, designed the portfolio to quickly resolve the issues.


Up-skilled 200+ people in change leadership using tailored training and coaching material. Established collaboration and support facilities to sustain the improvements over time.


Established control of spend with incumbent partners and suppliers by implementing process, governance and contractual changes whilst maintaining good working relationships.

Financial Services

Recovered failing roll-out of new branch platform by coordinating across the multiple suppliers, providing clear accountability, strong leadership and rapid problem resolution.

Financial Services

Led team of 70+ people to cut the operating cost of IT by over £70m/annum, by challenging, rationalising and consolidating services, staff, suppliers and partners.



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