Mark Smallwood

Grove Consulting


“Don’t listen with the intent of answering, but with the intent of understanding.”

Mark Smallwood, Grove Consulting

Mark’s career splits into two: half in line roles and half in consulting, spanning multiple sectors and geographies, working with some very large multi-national firms as well as some small local companies.

Mark has the view that regardless of size, transformational change is always complex and it is always extremely rewarding to be able to make a real contribution to its success, whether this is providing hands on leadership to the delivery teams or supporting the Board with navigating the challenges.

He is a hands-on leader who specialises in delivering complex technology enabled transformation programmes covering both technology and business dimensions. Over 30 years’ experience, he has worked on, and often led, a huge variety of programmes such as new business creations, mergers & acquisitions, ERP implementations, digital transformations, cost reduction and operating model optimisations to name but a few.

‘One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is not only helping to successfully land the transformation but also being able to uplift a client’s capability at the same time, so they are better equipped to deal with the next change that comes along.

I am delighted to be a member of Partners in Change, who share the same values I hold dear and who always strive to do the right thing for their clients over commercial gain’.

Away from the high energy, high focus world of complex transformation he likes to spend time with his wife on his small holding or walking in Peak District. In his own words he is an enthusiastic ‘but sadly not very good’ guitar player.



Led the transfer of the patent annuities service to a global provider, harmonising patent laws across systems to avoid financial impact.

Financial Services

Led the rescue and delivery of upgraded applications and infrastructure across a bank’s 1,800 sites and 80,000 users, with early successes to regain exec confidence and support.

Financial Services

Led the closure of a retail and intermediary bank. This €250 million initiative required significant stakeholder management to downsize and exit c. 800 employees.

Financial Services

Led the IT integration of a building society and bank. 200+ FTE, 5 vendors and £80m budget covering design, development, test, implementation and de-commissioning.


Led set-up of a new regulated insurance business. $250m initiative covering business case, regulatory approval, processes, IT solutions, recruitment and customer on-boarding.



Global programme assurance

Delivery Management

Replanning a major transformation programme

Global Water Utility

Leading a mixed-capability team, accelerating delivery and building greater stakeholder confidence



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