Is your Steering Group as good as your programme needs it to be?

Use the diagnostic to check:
  • Flip between data-entry and results as often as you need to
  • Bookmark the page to come back to it later or share with others
  • Consider asking others to complete the diagnostic and share the results
  • Print and use the results panel and the included "What Good Looks Like” to plan any necessary actions

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Busting steering group myths

Whilst many Steering Groups work really well, there are a few misunderstandings that can get in the way:

  • A Steering Group is a communications forum:
    No it isn’t. It’s purpose is to make decisions that help to move the programme forward
  • Steering Groups are monthly and last 2 hours:
    They might be, but let the needs of the programme dictate the schedule
  • The more attendees the better:
    Never. Go for the minimum attendees you need to make the decisions on the agenda
  • Lots of large decks of slides are needed:
    No, they won’t be read. Only present the information that is needed, and present it clearly
  • The Programme Manager should be challenged hard:
    Sometimes; but support is also needed – this is collaboration, not a trial.

The value of a good Steering Group

Well-governed and well-executed, a Steering Group is an incredibly valuable part of the change programme.

It’s there to drive the programme forward, removing blockers, resolving issues, mitigating risks and keeping it in control and on track – so that it stays true to the original vision, delivering and embedding the sustainable change that the business needs.

Hints and Tips for Programme Managers

Having asked a number of Programme Managers and Sponsors how to get the best from their Steering Group, their top suggestions were:

  1. Always outline clearly the decisions you need taking
  2. Make sure the right people can attend
  3. Provide the data needed to enable the decisions to be made, including options and a rationale for the recommended decision
  4. Prepare early, briefing beforehand those whose support you need
  5. If you don’t know the answer to questions – say so
  6. Be polite and professional at all times
  7. Don’t hide things. If a deadline is going to be missed – say so, and explain why
  8. Use clear and simple language
  9. Check for understanding, especially around the key decisions
  10. Summarise at the end of the meeting the decisions made

Other things you might find useful

In addition to the Steering Group Self-Assessment tool, we have included below, a number of brief documents that you might find useful – a sample 1-page Terms of Reference, some experience-based practical hints and tips, and a guide to ensuring the right preparation is done, and done well. If there are other things you would value, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.



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