Experience a Discovery Session

Work with us over a 1-2 day period and experience our model and approach in action.

Our Discovery session allows you to experience what it is like to work with us while giving you tangible and actionable ways of rapidly improving your change leadership.

A Discovery session is for you if you are currently mobilising your change programme and want to give yourselves the best possible chance of success or when you are on your journey but want to identify and resolve the things that are slowing progress or keeping you stuck. Impactful and insightful, the session will give you several “a-ha” moments.

We will work with you before the session to agree on your outcomes and optimise our approach. You and some of the broader organisation will complete a short diagnostic questionnaire which sharpens our assessment of where the problems may lie.

During the session, we will explore your alignment around the changes you are undertaking, how they deliver against your strategic objectives and how you engage with your stakeholders. Using the diagnostic assessments as a guide, we will deep dive into your key challenges to assess what is happening versus what you need to happen. Together we will uncover the fundamental blocks to progress and define ways to overcome them. We finish by identifying how you will keep the momentum generated through the day.

We follow up the session with a summary report which we can deliver in person to your whole team or your identified session sponsor. If necessary, we also support you in reviewing any post-session additional actions offering advice, guidance and insights.

These sessions are invaluable – a low-cost, low-risk way of getting your change programme on track and keeping it there.

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