Masterclasses and Knowledge Transfer

For when you need access to an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge on specific topics and situations.

We know that no matter how experienced, there will always be specific issues and circumstances you haven’t faced before. Your time is valuable, and rather than leave you to figure things out, we offer our masterclasses and knowledge transfer sessions as a rapid accelerator to get you up to speed. You can then make quick and well-informed decisions that keep your change moving and on track.

Masterclasses are highly facilitated and targeted sessions focusing on a specific area requiring clarity, resolution and alignment. They may be short sessions aimed at things like clarifying your roles through change, addressing how you make decisions or who owns and nurtures relationships with specific stakeholders. Or sometimes, more time is needed to tackle deeper issues like building and maintaining engagement and commitment across the broader organisation. Whatever the topic, we will ensure we bring our expertise to help you find the right solution.

Knowledge transfer sessions aim to give you the knowledge you need most effectively and efficiently. We have a pre-prepared repository of interventions that can be deployed immediately or with additional bespoke preparation to suit your specific needs. Covering everything from effective governance to selecting and managing external suppliers, we ensure you have what you need to fulfil your change leadership roles.

We are generous in sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience. We never judge, blame or criticise but will challenge and disagree with you in the spirit of finding your best path. We also encourage you to disagree, debate, explore options and take time to understand risks.

Providing advice, guidance, knowledge, and mentoring is what we do, but we won’t do your job for you. The purpose is to leave you and your organisation better equipped to lead and deliver change.

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