The right sourcing strategy can be critical to the success of any major change or transformation programme. Defining which suppliers to use where and when, and how to structure commercial agreements aligned with the overall business vision is a crucial and often overlooked component of success.

Embarking on a change or transformation programme typically needs extra resource in the short term to help drive, execute and deliver that change. Many organisations have partners in place supporting existing technology platforms or business systems and the natural first step is often to approach these suppliers to see if they can help. Whilst that’s a sensible step, it can be a missed opportunity if not considered in the wider context of what the business is trying to achieve and the current state of play in the marketplace. Handled carefully, reconsidering sourcing strategy and commercial models can be a powerful driver of change that will significantly accelerate results.


PiC has deep experience supporting some of the world’s leading organisations with transformational sourcing programmes that have dramatically reduced costs and improved business performance. Unlike other advisors, we provide sourcing and commercial services as fully integrated components of our orchestrated change services, ensuring that our independent advice is aligned with wider change and transformation programme activities.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to drive value and ensure alignment through the full sourcing lifecycle, from strategy, through supplier selection, contract negotiation and ongoing commercial management. Our strong relationships with the supplier community mean that, where needed, we can also help with deal remediation or renegotiation of existing agreements to get supplier relationships back on track where business needs have evolved or performance is below expectations.



Getting the best from the Big 4

Engaging a 'Big 4' brand is often seen as a safe bet when in the market for consulting services. In this slide deck Mike Kelly shares a number of insights designed to help you get the best out of your relationship with the 'Big 4' consulting brands.

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    Getting the best from your System Integrator.

    In this five-step guide Mike Kelly shares insights into how organisations can get the best value from their SI partners.

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