Martin Sheldon



““The more I practice, the luckier I get”

Gary Player

Martin has never been one to believe in the supposed trade-off known as “work-life balance” as he strongly believes that we should “live” whilst we “work”. That doesn’t mean always bringing work home; quite the opposite, it means bringing life to your work.  Enjoying the challenges we face and working with people we like, is a recipe for both fulfilment and success.

Throughout his 30+ year career to date, Martin has always strived to both excel and to enjoy, working with great people to do remarkable, complex and valuable things within inspiring and aspiring organisations.

He has been lucky to work in many industries, from high-street banks to aircraft manufacturers, and whatever the challenge is that he’s taking on, his approach usually remains broadly consistent: understand and observe; talk with people and listen to them (really, properly listen); think, challenge, propose and align; and then act – take the lead and drive towards the well-considered goal.  Just like driving a car, that needs focus and awareness, checking the rear-view mirror to see where we’ve come from and why, looking ahead to where we are going and adjusting course if needed, and always checking-in with the passengers to ensure they are still enjoying the ride.

Like Gary Player, through years of “practice”, Martin has managed to develop a knack of being “lucky” more often than not. And when he’s not, he has the experience and humility to take stock, re-align and go again.  This approach has served Martin well over many enjoyable and “well-balanced” years.



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