Dave Chatham

Founding Director


“If you can keep your head…”

Rudyard Kipling

“Stop faffin’ about!”

Mr JG Smith - my English teacher

Dave is a founding director of Partners in Change.

‘PiC was a dream – a hunch if you like, that providing change consulting differently could provide better value to the end client and offer a better work experience to the team of people that delivered it. Listening hard to my clients it is clear to me that our flexible resourcing approach can be better for everyone. By keeping our business operation lean and keen, alignment between cost and value is better; and if you tailor a team of people with the right experience, then the value to the client similarly increases. Two years in, and this has proved to be the case – although as the old consulting adage goes, ‘you are only as good as your last week’ so our focus remains relentless. PiC is no longer just a hunch – the reality of our vision is working for both our clients and our teams.

Dave’s experience is of large-scale transformation delivery with many of those programmes being at or near the top of the clients priority list, and to that end, he is highly experienced in dealing with Executive / VP / Board level customers. His background is heavily, although not exclusively, IT and he has a particular interest in technology-enabled change driving organisations forward. He has worked on several multi-vendor, global programmes and he keeps a keen focus on outcomes and has a practical, pragmatic hands-on approach. He has an open and honest communication style which is appreciated by his clients. He likes to keep a healthy pace on delivery and to keep energy levels high, although keeping cool under the pressure that comes with delivery is a key strength.



Led a joint team to develop replacement pensions platform services using a hybrid Agile approach, which was further assessed, improved and used on other similar programmes.


Led delivery of global Digital Transformation Programme. Using digital and data analytical tools, increased IT delivery efficiency and effectiveness, and streamlined sourcing.

Financial Services

Supported Digital Transformation of a Global Bank’s Open Banking programme, providing full PMO Services and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Financial Services

Re-planned and led the delivery of a PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) regulatory programme, making strong use of Agile techniques throughout.

Financial Services

Led delivery of new mortgage platform for one of UK’s biggest Building Societies, re-engineering interfaces that allowed brokers to connect through reusable digital interface.


Led global Digital Transformation using digital and data analytics, creating value through operations design, IT delivery efficiency, effectiveness and the streamlining of sourcing.

Financial Services

Provided PMO services for Digital Transformation of a Global Bank’s Open Banking programme, aligning to a complex environment and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Financial Services

Orchestrated step#1 on revised digital strategy, shaping the plan for a mobile app, including reusable APIs, mini-services and an SDLC to keep up with the pace of a digital world.



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