Developing Business Analysis capabilities in Financial Services

The Client Problem

This client was struggling with the performance of its BA function, a critical element of its delivery and change capability. The relatively inflexible resourcing model meant the team were unable to respond quickly to changes in demand resulting in high use of contract resources. Additionally, the low levels of capability meant that when BAs were allocated to change initiatives the quality of their work was often poor and a significant contributor to project and programme failures. Also, instead of focusing on the core analysis workload, BAs were often being used as general resources on projects resulting in an overly large team size, however the client was not sure how big the team should be.

What we did

PiC provided two experts with in-depth knowledge of capability building and the management of centres of excellence in organisations. The consultants worked closely with the BA team to plan and develop improved ways of working. As well as providing regular coaching for key BA team members, the PiC consultants oversaw the development of a revised operating model for the team, centred on 3 core BA services. Forward looking plans were co-developed for the ongoing improvement of BA skills and enhanced relationships with key stakeholders in the organisation. We also engaged a series of key stakeholders who used or had an interest in the work of BAs, to ensure there was the appropriate levels of support for the changes.

How we did it

Working part time over a period of 3 months we developed a revised operating model for the team, centred on 3 core BA services. All the outputs were co-developed by a combined PiC and Client team using regular workshops and continuous interaction in the manner of an Agile initiative. This approach was taken to ensure acceptance of the advice, and critically, for the client team to take ownership of the longer term development plan arising from the work. The project adopted one of PIC’s key philosophies of “two heads is better than one”, and in the broad area of capability development two part time consultants bringing different aspects and knowledge of BA capability development was seen to be of better value to the client than a single full time consultant.

Results and Learnings

The outcome lead to a re-energised BA team, with a clear onward plan for progress over the next 12 months based on the foundation of agreed service lines and greater stakeholder support for the team. Critical to this success was the co-development of all the work with high levels of involvement leading to clear ownership. As a side outcome from the work, the consultants identified opportunities for a 20% reduction in headcount based on improved ways of working and tighter resource management.


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