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In the late 2000s I remember watching the original ‘Shift Happens’ video with hundreds of colleagues at an annual conference. It dominated the evening’s conversations – it gave everyone a new perspective on the speed at which change was coming down the line. Even now 14 years on it is eye-opening. Much of what is […]

Thanks to all who responded to our recent post focusing on Digital Transformation nightmares.  We received an avalanche of anecdotes and points of view from colleagues and clients happy to share their experiences. One trend stood out; the lengthiest (and most emotionally charged!) exchanges were those that had impacted our lives as consumers. It quickly […]

10 September 2021

Craig Ryder

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As organisations consider their future direction and identify what change to pursue in order to remain relevant to their customers, attractive to their workforce and profitable for their investors, digital transformation is often high on the priority list. Speaking with clients and colleagues across our network, legacy systems are mentioned frequently as a problem; they […]

Each and every one of us is exposed to the digital transformation efforts of all sorts of organisations every day. Whether it is business, local councils, central government or the NHS we are all rapidly learning to adapt to and embrace the rapid evolution of digital technology. The eighteen months of global lockdown we’ve all […]

There are many factors which contribute towards an organisation’s ability to change. Whatever factors are relevant to your organisation, trying to improve your ability to land sustainable change from within starts by establishing clarity for your specific organisation (now and in the foreseeable future) on what will contribute towards your ability to make successful change [...]

Enhancing your organisation’s change capability can sound like a rather theoretical exercise, taking away focus and effort from day to day change delivery. This can be especially true in the situation where the pressures to deliver are high, everyone is heads down focused on this, and finding the time to look up and at the […]

This article was written ahead of the Euro 2020 final. As we now know, the result did not go England’s way. The transformation insights however remain powerful and relevant. Summary Those who follow my occasional posts will know that I like to reflect on the change lessons borne out of success, or failure, across many […]

Transformation and complex change programmes are usually high stakes activities that eat up time, money and human resources. Before embarking on any such programme there are many preparatory steps to be taken. However, in practice there are nine questions that must be asked first and foremost. If the answer to any one of these is […]

We’re proud to say we’ve now exceeded the £5000 mark in our fundraising for Emmaus. This includes £900 raised via a weight-loss challenge (the 8 participants lost over 20kg). As I write we have a team member midway through her ‘Marathon Challenge’ and we’re planning an online Treasure Hunt at our Summer Event. Beyond raising […]

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