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A common problem? Legacy technical debt is a common problem facing many organisations across the Financial Services industry and beyond. Such outdated systems are often heavily integrated workhorses, churning through high volumes of transactions. The process of replacing them is complex with many moving parts to consider. A clear approach to tackling this challenge is […]

Addressing the urgent need to verify acquisition integration pre-deal assumptions and establish an integration roadmap to ensure that value acceleration is set up for earliest successful delivery of realistic objectives and goals. When Private Equity firms facilitate an acquisition to one of their portfolio companies, the typical pace of the deal process and the need […]

Emmaus UK is the charity partner of Partners in Change and we are proud to share the news that we are extending our fundraising and pro-bono consulting relationship for a second year.  At our recent team event we presented the organisation with a cheque for £10,550, representing the total monies raised over a successful first […]

In the late 2000s I remember watching the original ‘Shift Happens’ video with hundreds of colleagues at an annual conference. It dominated the evening’s conversations – it gave everyone a new perspective on the speed at which change was coming down the line. Even now 14 years on it is eye-opening. Much of what is […]

As organisations consider their future direction and identify what change to pursue in order to remain relevant to their customers, attractive to their workforce and profitable for their investors, digital transformation is often high on the priority list. Speaking with clients and colleagues across our network, legacy systems are mentioned frequently as a problem; they […]